Have fun and get rewarded for testing websites, apps and games.

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Why become a tester?

  • Get rewarded for your time
  • Help improve websites, apps and games that you might use yourself
  • It can be fun, lots of our testers want to come back again and again

What is the test for?

Our clients work with us because they want to get the best experience for their users. By asking real people for their views on the content and usability of their product, they are able to make the best experience for their customers as possible.

What happens in a usability test?

You will either be asked to visit our testing studio in Gozo or more commonly take part remotely via Skype, the test usually takes under an hour and you will be asked to perform a series of tasks that relate to how the website or game would be used in a real world situation. No preparation is necessary! During the test, our clients watch over a video link, but don't worry it's their product being tested not you!

What kind of people are needed as testers?

We need people from all sorts of backgrounds with all manner of interests. Whatever your job or hobbies we would like to hear from you, and the more information you give us, the more chance there is that we can match you to an appropriate project.

Unfortunately we are not looking for web designers or people that test websites for a living as this doesn't give an accurate result for our clients.

Will the company know who I am?

Absolutely not, our clients are given a participant number to refer to you during testing and an outline of the details you provide to us. They will not be given access to your name or contact details. In any follow up reports, your test will be referred to by number.

How will I get paid?

If you take part in person, we will pay you in cash. For remote testing you will be paid in one of the following ways; Revolut, Transfer Wise, Monese, Paypal or with an Amazon Gift Card.

The information you provide is to allow us to match you with relevant tests and will not be used for any other purpose and will not be passed to any other parties.

About Use Ability

Our family run studio is located in Qala, Gozo a short distance from the Ferry port. When you arrive, you will be greeted by Gemma who will explain how the testing process works and will sit in with you as you perform the test.

Use Ability usability testing studio in Qala Gozo.
Use Ability usability testing studio in Qala Gozo.
Use Ability usability testing studio in Qala Gozo.