Discover what's wrong with your website, app or game in the time it takes to ask 5 people.

5 participants
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Live remote moderated testing

Live remote moderated testing, wherever you are.

Usability testing

Watch live and dig deeper into unexpected behaviours.

Usability testing

Use testing to target issues that could be losing you money.

We help you,

find the right people, design
effective questions and provide
world class live moderated remote
or in-person testing.

Team Use Ability

Giving you,

actionable insights from real
people that will help you solve
problems and improve
conversions and revenue.

Usability testingUsability testing

Ask real people what they think of your website or app. This will allow you to find and fix any issues and create a great experience that will differentiate your brand in a crowded marketplace.


  • Flow of information
  • Product discovery
  • On-boarding and conversion
  • Payment processes

Play testingPlay testing

Watch as your slot and casino games are played by real players. Get valuable feedback on the design and playability of your games allowing you to keep ahead of the competition.


  • On-boarding
  • Game UI and design
  • Playability
  • Bonus and game mechanics

Preference testingPreference testing

Make sure your design is heading in the right direction. Inform your decision by asking your customers what they think and launch with a product that gets it right and appeals to everyone.


  • Design decisions
  • Graphics, Audio and Video
  • Product preferences
  • Marketing campaigns

Remote usability testing, where you can dig deeper to get better insights.

No waiting to ask extra questions, ask them when you see something unexpected and get valuable insights with context.

Remote usability testing, now with real time emotion analysis!

Our AI script watches 68 points on the participants face to give a live indication of their emotions.

Some of the companies we've helped,

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Independent insights from the experts in UX

You can tell from our name, we have usability and UX at the heart of our business. Sometime's you can be too close to your product, being independent allows us to be objective. We provide you with valuable insights and none of the bias, to help you improve conversion rates, revenue and brand loyalty.

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